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Bananas and milk are good for potency

19 June, 2021 г.
Experts have listed several foods that can increase potency. A study was conducted.
Experts found that sleep disturbance is one of the main enemies of potency, heart disease, as well as testosterone production. For this reason, scientists have named products that can improve sleep, as well as improve the overall condition of the body and the quality of sex in men.
Thus, the experts stated that it is useful to drink milk before going to bed. The drink is a natural stimulant for the production of serotonin and the synthesizing hormone of sleep. Experts added that it is important to drink a glass of milk at night in a hot form.
Another useful product for sleep and potency is a banana. Walnuts are also useful, which, among other things, stimulate the production of testosterone, reports PioneerProduct.
"FederalPress" reminds that earlier experts advised men to include mushrooms in their diet. According to them, some species increase potency.

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