Company PionerProdukt

«Novelty! Passed the certification of new express test kits PIONEER MEIZHENG BIO-TECH (5in1) for determination of residual amounts of halofuginone, flavomycin, novobiocin, flunixin, dexamethasone/prednisolone in milk, milk serum»

PionerProdukt was founded in 2015 and since then has established itself as a reliable and stable partner in the field of comprehensive services for the dairy and food industry.
Our highly qualified employees provide full consulting support and individual approach to each client - the quality of our products is higher than the price...
"PionerProduct offers its customers a wide range of products:
  • Modern acidic and alkaline washing-up liquids.
  • Modern means of hygiene.
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Antibiotic tests
 On all made production of company "PionerProduct", there are Hygienic certificates and technical instructions. All products are designed to be environmentally friendly. These products are highly concentrated (many of them have unique formulas), which ensures their minimal consumption, high efficiency and convenience in transportation and storage.
PionerProduct Company conducts a unified pricing policy for its products, which allows to maintain the same price level throughout Belarus and the CIS.
The cost of our products PionerProduct will pleasantly surprise you.

Click here to Download the Programm for Reading Data from Pioneer BMZ6000 Device (v. 1.39 / 2022-12-22)

Click here to Download the Instruction for Reader Pioneer BMZ6000

Click here to download firmware for BMZ6000 reader (v.99 / 26-12-2023)