Our Certificates

PioneerProdukt has been successfully operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus for more than five year. We have achieved high marks for our activity not only among our partners, but also among a multitude of suppliers. At the moment we are the official representatives of a number of brands in the country.
Below we offer to get acquainted with some certificates of official representatives in the Republic of Belarus:
Certificate of Conformity for products is an official document by which the competent state authorities confirm the safety of products, and its consistency with the standards established by technical regulations or GOST. This definition is common for all certification documents.
Registration of the certificate of conformity for domestic and foreign goods is possible in the presence of the results of laboratory tests of the provided samples.
Which goods require a certificate of conformity?
The system of certification of GOST R has been formed annually updated and supplemented by the Uniform list of products, on the basis of which the need for a certificate of conformity of a guest of the river is determined.
For the goods included in this list, the receipt of a certifying document is mandatory. Absence of the product name in the Uniform list, assumes voluntary registration of the certificate of conformity on production, or certification in the form of conformity to technical regulations of the customs union.

Voluntary certification

Registration of the certificate of conformity in the system of GOST R on a voluntary basis is carried out by the manufacturer or supplier of products in order to document its high quality. Availability of this document allows to increase customer confidence in the products, increase their competitiveness and provide access to new markets.
The voluntary certificate of conformity of GOST R is issued in order to confirm the quality of products that are not subject to mandatory certification.

Procedure for issuing a certificate of conformity

Document execution on production can be carried out only by certification bodies with corresponding state accreditation. The following procedure is used to obtain a certificate:

Preparation of an application

  • Formation of a package of documents (registration certificate, technical passport with product description, etc.)
  • Sampling and testing
  • Examination of the application and issuance of an opinion by the expert committee.
  • In case of compliance of the certified products with all current requirements established by national and international standards, the applicant receives a document certifying its safety and high quality.
Refusal to issue a certificate of conformity for products is provided in the event of errors and inaccuracies in the application or in the process of testing samples of certified products detected by the expert commission.