Korreks for confectionery


OOO "PioneerProduct supplies correxes for confectionery products made of thermoplastic polymer film. Our products solve the problems of group packaging of piece confectionery products for their convenient and safe transportation. At the same time, correxes for confectionery products retain their own shape, ensuring the aesthetics of the presentation of goods to the consumer.

Correx packaging has a large number of individual cells for storing piece goods. Its main task is to prevent mixing or contact of the contents in them. This is the most popular form for fragile, delicate and expensive confectionery products, including chocolates, marshmallows, expensive cookies, etc.

Our company offers its customers the production of correx with the development of individual design. We use only the highest quality certified materials and modern technologies. Thanks to this, we can guarantee you the best result at the best cost.

Plastic correxes are quite often used for packaging and other consumer goods. In this case, they are usually placed inside a cardboard box. Therefore, in most cases, correx packaging has a rectangular shape, although the technology by which this type of product is manufactured allows the production of plastic lodgements of any non-standard shapes. This gives greater freedom of choice for confectionery manufacturers.

The main technology for the production of this type of packaging products is vacuum forming. Of the majority of requirements that a blister must meet, two main criteria can be distinguished:

  1. Correx for food trays should be made of materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for human Health.
  2. Improved level of design and execution. A correx for a cake, for example, must not only reliably protect products from damage, but also effectively present them at the same time.

In addition to sweets, confectionery factories pack other delicate products in durable plastic cradles, so our assortment includes:

  • correx for cake;
  • correxes for marshmallows, pasta;
  • correxes for cookies, biscuits, cakes;
  • korreks for pies;
  • correxes for packing biscuit cakes.


Also of great importance is the form by which this type of product is made. Modern technologies and creative approach make IT possible to create spectacular and stylish packaging with a unique design that will make products exclusive and recognizable, and therefore more attractive in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Brilliant correx packaging attracts the eye of the buyer of confectionery products, and the successful shape of the cells enhances the hypnotic effect. Its attractiveness is especially evident during the exhibition and sale of new products or the presentation of the manufacturer's assortment. Experienced marketers use this characteristic feature as an effective advertising tool. Therefore, even at the stage of developing a new product line, they think over the optimal packaging design in order to purchase a correx that most favorably emphasizes the appetizingness of confectionery products.

You can buy korreks by phone or through the form on the site. You can get the packaging by self-delivery from the manufacturer's warehouse. We deliver orders by our car in Moscow for free and arrange delivery in Russia by any carrier, the services of the transport company are paid by the client.

Special flavors for confectionery products can be ordered through the company's commercial department. Provide us with technical documentation (drawing, sketch) or a product sample, according to which designers will develop a project. After agreeing on the terms and concluding the contract, we will fulfill your order:

  • We will develop a layout of the correction (2-3 days).
  • We will make a sampler (2-3 days).
  • We will form a tooling for a heat press (1-2 weeks).
  • We will produce the ordered circulation (from 10 thousand)

Tanks available

  • Capacity RK-3KN art. 743196
  • Capacity RK-6N art. 254469
  • Capacity RK-15 art. 397109
  • Capacity RK-150N art. 44439
  • Capacity RK-17 art. 563677
  • Capacity RK-28S5 art. 58405



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