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Paper sacks

Bags of paper production:
Bumprompack Ltd.
OOO Trade House of the Novolyala Pulp and Paper Mill;
OOO Mari Pulp and Paper Mill;

Готовы предложить обработанный край мешка в виде зубчатой нарезки


Marks of paper bags in accordance with GOST 2226-2013, produced by the company:
* NM brand (bags impregnated, with all layers of impregnated sack paper);
* Brand of БМ (bags bituminous, with two or three layers from the bituminous bag paper and the rest of the layers from impregnated bag paper);  
Open-type paper sacks
Open paper bags - open-mouth bags for packing or backfilling products. They are bags with a stitched or glued bottom and an open neck for manual or automated filling of loose and piece products. This type of bags are widely used in the chemical, construction, woodworking and food industries, as well as in trade, printing, medicine, agriculture, waste collection and disposal. We offer paper bags with a logo for packing charcoal, mixed fodder, food additives, as well as for packing milk powder, egg powder, starch, pasta, chemical raw materials, etc.
4-layer, glued open, GOST 2226-2013, size 100*50*9 and 100*51,5*9
3-layer, glued open, GOST 2226-2013, size 100*50*9 and 100*51,5*9  
and other dimensions as requested by the customer
Novelty: Ready to offer the treated edge of the bag in the form of a toothed cut
Paper bags of closed (valve) type
Closed paper bags are bags that are glued or sewn together from the top and bottom and have one opening with a backfill valve.
After filling the sack, the valve closes with the internal product pressure. This type of bag is widely used in the chemical industry,
construction, food and other economic sectors.

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