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The proctologist names five habits that harm the rectum

23 October, 2020 г.

Untimely bowel emptying

Emptying the bowel is the easiest and most natural process in the next 5-10 minutes after call for defecation. But for a city dweller, because of the rush or tight schedule, it is not always easy to make the "request" of an organism working according to its own autonomous principles, which cannot be changed by willpower (stimulating drugs also can't provide the desired effect without harming health - especially with prolonged use). If a person does not meet the request in time, he or she will later face the problem of constipation or difficulty in emptying. It is often possible to rectify the situation by getting up 30-40 minutes early in the morning, drinking a glass of water, a cup of tea or coffee, having breakfast and waiting in peace for the "internal signal" at home to "not extinguish" it in transport or already at work.

Disrespect for hygiene

Toilet paper can not completely clean the skin from dirt, so after visiting the toilet, you should ideally wash with cool water and soap. This will protect against unpleasant sensations, discomfort and itching in the anal area.

Prolonged stay in the toilet

When sitting on the toilet (as opposed to sitting on a chair), the crotch sags while the femoral vessels are squeezed by the bezel. This prevents normal blood circulation and promotes hemorrhoids. You should not stay in this position for more than 5 minutes.
Movement promotes the activation of many useful processes in the body, including improves intestinal motor skills, which helps to remove toxins and slags from the body. It relieves tension from the intestine muscular wall, facilitates the excretion of gases (the same meteorism that torments many people with "sitting" work).
Loads must be strong, bring joy and good health. Long walking or jogging, gymnastics or exercise, swimming pool, yoga, fitness, water aerobics - the choice already depends on individual preferences. If you are forced to stay at home for a long time, a jogging track may help.

Unregulated meals

It is important not only to eat the right diet, but also to eat enough food that stimulates peristalsis. Vegetables and fruits with a high content of fiber serve as a good ballast for the intestines, they facilitate the intestines and contribute to gentle emptying. The number of meals is individual to the needs of the body. During illness and stress, the hormonal background changes, which affects the digestive tract and its work. It is useful to follow the principles of a healthy diet and avoid excesses, fast food and carbonated beverages.

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