KH PACK® tartlet paper - продукция от ПионерПродукт / PionerProdukt

KH PACK® tartlet paper

13 October, 2017 г.
KH PACK® paper is a reliable, greaseproof paper for the production of pastry cheesecake paper. The special surface treatment of the paper makes it easy to separate the tartlets, which can be used for machine cutting out and filling the tartlets with dough. The paper is treated so that it is resistant to high temperatures in ovens - up to 220 °C.
The KH PACK® Slip Easy waterproof tartalettes paper is white woodless machine smoothness (MF) paper with a thickness of 40 - 70 g/m2. We will supply you with paper in rolls according to your requirements.
  • Packing of hamburgers, rags and sandwiches at fast food outlets
  • Packing delicacies, cakes and other sweets
  • decorative paper napkins "sockets" placed under cakes and cakes
  • Packing and laying of hard cheese
  • Packages for oil, margarine and other fats
  • packing and laying smoked meats, dry sausages, ham
  • minced meat transportation
  • lining paper for boxes, pizza
  • reliably prevents the penetration of fat and moisture
  • optional greaseproof
  • adjustable barrier properties
  • Certified and safe for direct contact with food
  • available with FSC® certificate
  • Compostable and recyclable

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