Established in 2015, PioneerProduct is now a business leader that has managed to preserve its traditions, win the market leader's position and gain the constant trust of consumers, which is an absolute success factor in the business.

Preamble to the mission statement:

We are proud that the inherent unity of traditions, aspiration for a better future, uniqueness of Belarusian culture and modern technologies recognized all over the world have become the basis on which the dynamically developing company, whose name is synonymous with quality and trust, has emerged.


"We contribute to the development of a healthy society by promoting the production of high quality and healthy foodstuffs.
  • Producer of natural foods prepared from cereals and cow's milk
  • Producer of natural drinking and mineral waters from the purest sources of Kyrgyzstan
  • A multi-brand company promoting a healthy lifestyle using modern production technologies

Our values


PionerProdukt - Professionals

PionerProdukt is a company of professionals who are able to systematically, efficiently and reliably perform their duties, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Employees of PionerProdukt are positive characteristics of the employee not only as a subject of activity in the company, but also as a person who has theoretical and practical knowledge, achievements, good performance, as well as motivation and aspirations.


PionerProdukt - Stability

PionerProdukt operates in the dairy and meat products market for the second year. The accumulated experience allows the company to move forward with confidence in a dynamically developing market. PioneerProduct does not aim to achieve short-term success or earn maximum profit. Preference is given to establishing long-term mutually beneficial relations with reliable partners, as the company plans to work in this market for a long and stable period of time.


PionerProdukt - Reliability

Our Company continuously monitors and analyzes external and internal risks inherent to it as a commercial organization. This allows us to forecast changes in the financial, economic and social spheres in a qualified manner, and to act successfully in the new environment. The Company has always fulfilled and will continue to fulfill all obligations to its customers and partners. Therefore, companies believe that it has earned the trust of partners and consumers.


PionerProdukt - Reliability

Experience shows that the trust deserves the company, whose activities are clear and understandable to its customers. Therefore, PionerProdukt strives to achieve the maximum possible transparency and predictability of the company's operations for our partners, both current and future. PionerProdukt is open to constructive cooperation and welcomes innovations that contribute to the development of our business and that of our customers, partners and shareholders.

Social orientation

The main value of the company is the people who have trusted it with their careers. The core of the company's employee policy is to provide all the conditions for the full realization of their abilities and professional skills, as well as to ensure that the results of their work are adequately rewarded. "PioneerProduct is a single team. The success of an individual employee is part of the success and prosperity of the company as a whole.
Thanks to the principles that guide all employees in their daily work, PionerProdukt has earned the trust and recognition as a reliable, national, modern company.