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"We contribute to the development of a healthy society by promoting the production of high quality and healthy foodstuffs.
  • For producers of natural foods prepared from cereals and cow's milk
  • Guarantee of quality of delivered production. All delivered components have the certificate of quality ISO 9001, 9002
  • Producers of natural drinking water and mineral water from the purest sources
  • Wide assortment of delivered components. We carry out complex wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of the equipment and accompanying materials.
  • High quality packaging materials
  • Acceptable delivery times. Thanks to distribution agreements with foreign partners in coordination with customers in the warehouse in advance agreed terms can accumulate large industrial batches.
  • Wide range of laboratory equipment
  • Affordable prices. Direct connections with manufacturers allow to carry out deliveries at the lowest prices. The firm applies a flexible pricing system and individual approach to customers. At the conclusion of contracts on large wholesale deliveries, and also for constant clients considerable discounts are provided.
  • Powerful technical and information support for customers. Regular customers are provided with electronic and printing versions of the catalogs of the company and foreign manufacturers with detailed information on all supplied and prospective components.
  • The highest attention to new perspective workings out of our constant clients. The firm widely practises operative deliveries of complete set samples for developers, organises consultations with developers of the equipment and materials of all represented foreign companies.


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Tests for antibiotics in milk

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the quality of dairy products, there are new requirements and trends. One of the most important problems is and remains the presence of the residual amount of antibiotics in dairy products.
Residues of antibiotics in milk can become a problem for both the producer and the processor, as they lead to a decrease in the efficiency of production at farms and milk processing plants. From the point of view of processing enterprises, the presence of antibiotic residues in milk leads to disruption of technological processes and significant financial losses. Moreover, processing of milk containing a residual quantity of antibiotics exceeding the permissible levels set by the TR TC 033/2013 is prohibited.
For many years now, dairy farms and dairy processing plants have been using rapid tests to determine the amount of antibiotics remaining in milk. Despite the fact that many different methods have been developed to solve this problem, the problem does not become less and remains relevant for our dairy processing plants and their raw material zones.
The main reason for the ingress of antibiotics into raw milk is the lack of a clear system of control over their content, understandable for all farm workers. The basis for solving this problem was the desire of our company to develop and bring such a system to producers and processors.
We present a range of tests to determine the antibiotics in PIONEER milk.

Milk quality analysers

PioneerProduct is a company that provides the highest quality laboratory and household equipment. Laboratory expertise, measurements and experiments are very important processes and activities, and therefore must be accompanied by reliable equipment. Efficiency and success of laboratory work is the goal of our company. Milk quality analyzers, which we offer you on this page, are a necessary laboratory apparatus that allows you to examine the quality of milk.
The dairy industry is extremely important for our country, as it accounts for a significant share of exports. The quality of milk and dairy products should be constantly monitored. Lactan milk quality analyzers will allow you to determine what components and proportions are part of the milk during the process. Milk analyzers are widely used and are very much in demand in every food quality laboratory.
Milk quality analysers allow you to measure a number of product parameters. These parameters include the proportion of fat and protein in the substances and the possible content of somatic cells in the dairy cow. With the help of the Lactan milk analyzer, it is possible to quickly identify the presence and proportion of added substances, from water (which is taken to "falsify" milk) to foreign detergents and moths. Milk analyzers determine the density of milk, the level of lactose content, and the freezing point of the product. This is a mandatory device for milk testing. The use of such devices in laboratories can help to improve the quality of dairy production and improve it.
To order milk quality analysers from Lactan and others, simply contact us at one of these phone numbers.
We will promptly place your order and answer all your questions.

Packaging, Correx.

The concept of "correx" can be interpreted differently. On the one hand, it is usually a plastic package for products with a certain number of cells for piece confectionery, mainly for sweets. On the other hand, it is possible to define it in a broader sense, then the correx is a package that can be used for literally everything from packaged salads to perfumes.
In our case, "corrections" will be used in its narrow meaning, in order to avoid mixing the concepts that include different types of packaging (for example, corrections and trays). At the same time, the corrections (the product of packaging and packaging) belong to the rigid plastic packaging, that is, they retain their original shape under external mechanical influence.
The most common correlate is used in packaging for cakes and pastries, sweets, cookies, marmalade, marshmallows and other confectionery products). Wide application of correxes in the domestic confectionery industry began in the early 1990s, when in order to compete with imported confectionery products it was necessary to offer the buyer not only a similar quality domestic product, but also equivalent, and preferably better, packaging.
At the same time, it is in the confectionery industry, due to its specifics (products are often bought as a gift, for a holiday), that the requirements to external design of packaging are especially high.
This is a group packaging of products, as a rule, of small size. The outer box can be made of paper, cardboard with printing, plastic, inside it there is a correx in which the packaged product is placed. Correctioned sockets under the products ensure fixation of products, their safety; give a commodity appearance to the product due to the volume design and location on the correction field.
Distinctive signs of correxes:
Design decoration;
individual development;
Low requirements to physical and mechanical characteristics;
presence of partitions separating the product;
Ability to provide stability of a product at external influences at the expense of special elements of a cell.
As a result of the study of such a characteristic it becomes obvious that one of the specific features of the correxes is an individual artistic solution in each particular case, which often leads to the fact that the packaging is almost one whole with the product. Today, the specifics of different types of correxes can be characterized by several categories: design, price and ease of use.
The company "PionerProdukt" will take into account not only your wishes for packaging, but also will develop it taking into account the advanced trends and extensive experience.