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Pepsin whey pork

Whey pepsin (TU 9358-006-53523525-7) - enzyme preparation from natural raw materials of animal origin. It is made of pork stomach mucous membrane.
JSC "SHACO" is the only manufacturer in the CIS of pepsin pig whey used for trichinellosis test of animals.
To perform an animal trichinellosis test by dissolving in artificial gastric juice. The method of enzyme digestion of muscles in artificial gastric juice (AMS) for diagnostics of animal trichinosis is used according to veterinary rules for laboratory diagnostics of animal trichinosis in the Republic of Belarus (Resolution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus No. 79 dd. 16.12.2005). This method allows to carry out a group examination of animal trichinellosis.
It is a homogeneous powder from light yellow to light grey color.
Activity: Over 1,500,000 c.u.
Packaging: Factory-packed - package weighing 1 kg.
Storage conditions: storage in a dry and cool place at temperatures not exceeding 20 º C and relative humidity not exceeding 85%. Storage period - 12 months from the date of production.
Pepsin whey (production of LLC "SHACO", RF) is an environmentally friendly product of animal origin, has a high degree of purification and a stable level of activity, is not inferior in all respects to its analogues.
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