General purpose environment of SPC Biocompass-S (Uglich) - продукция от ПионерПродукт / PionerProdukt

General purpose environment of SPC "Biocompass-S" (Uglich)

Nutrient media from LLC "SPC" Biocompas-S ", Uglich
General purpose environments
Environment for the determination of KMAFANM (quantity of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms)
  • Nutritious agar      
  • Nutritious Broth    
  • AGV environment (to determine sensitivity to antibiotics)
  • Media for detecting residual antibiotics (No. 2-8)
  • Medium for the determination of proteolytic bacteria      
  • Environments for the determination of lipolytic bacteria   
  • Nutritious agar with glucose
  • Nutritious Glucose Broth
  • Semi-liquid nutrient agar
  • Trypton soy agar with yeast extract      
  • Trypton Soy Broth with Yeast Extract    
Environments for the determination of enterobacteria
  • Wednesday Kessler    
  • Wednesday Coda  
  • Endo Wednesday   
  • Agar bile purple-red   
  • Wednesday Levin (agar with eosin-methylene blue) 
  • Clarke Wednesday (glucose-phosphate broth)  
  • Goat Wednesday
  • Simmons Citrate Agar
  • Christensen's Citrate Hagar
  • Pre-selective enrichment environment (buffered pept. water)
  • Magnesium medium (with magnesium chloride)    
  • Selenite Broth
  • Müller-Kaufmann Tetrationate Environment   
  • Wednesday Ploskireva
  • Wednesday Olkenitsky (three sugarcane agar with urea)    
  • Kleegler Wednesday    
  • Wednesday Resse   
  • Gissa environments with bromcresol purple and carbohydrates:
  • glucose or lactose, sucrose, mannitol, fructose, sorbitol
  • dulcite or maltose, mannose, xylose, inosite, rhamnose, raffinose, arabinose, galactose     
  • Environment for the identification of SIM agar-type Enterobacteria (definition of H2S, indole and mobility)  
  • Media type SIM agar with Ehrlich Reagent
  • McConkey Buffer Broth with Glucose
  • McConkey Buffer Broth with lactose
  • Diamond green lactose bile broth
  • Buffer glucose broth with diamond green and bile
  • Sorbitol Mac Conky agar
  • Phenylalanine agar   
  • Acetate agar
  • Agar Christensen with urea
  • Nutritious broth with L-tryptophan
  • Wednesday Rappaport-Vassiliadis with soya (RVS broth)    
  • Xylose-lysine deoxycholate agar (XLD agar)   
  • Diamond green agar
  • Three-sugar iron agar (TSI agar)
  • L-lysindecarboxylase environment
  • Selective Enterococcal Media (SEE)
  • Milk Inhibitor Environment (MIS)    
  • Selective beneficiation medium (sodium lauryl sulphate broth)
  • Laurile sulfate tryptosis broth   
  • EU-Bouillon
  • Crystal violet neutral red lactose bile agar (VRBL agar)
  • Peptonic Bezindol water
  • Lactose agar with diamond green and phenol red
Environments for determining Bacillus cereus
Wednesday Donovan   
  • Salt agar with 2,3,5-TTH    
  • Environments for the determination of anaerobic bacteria
  • Iron sulphite viscous medium (0.15% agar) - WSS-1
  • Dense iron sulphite environment (1.5% agar) - WSS-2
  • Lactate acetate environment for selective accounting of anaerobic spores (LASSA environment)
  • Medium for determining spore anaerobes in milk and dairy products (SDA)
  • Media for the determination of yeast and microscopic fungi (mold)
  • Whey agar BF  
  • Agar Saburo  
  • Saburo Broth
  • Dextrose selective agar
  • Wednesday of Capek
 Environments for determining Staphylococcus aureus
  • Byrd-Parker-type agar - arbitration environment  
  • Salt Agar
  • Salt Broth    
  • Milk and salt agar  
Media for growing bifidobacteria, lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria
  • HMS - hydrolyzate and milk medium for bifidobacteria accounting  
  • MMC-1 - corn-lactosic environment for bifidobacteria accounting  
  • MMC-2 - corn-lactosic environment for bifidobacteria cultivation  
  • MMC-3 - bifidobacteria growth stimulator
  • Medium type M 17 for the determination of thermophilic streptocococci
  • MRS (agarized) environment for lactobacteria detection
  • Medium type MRS (liquid) for lactobacteria detection    
  • Blikfeldt's environment is dense
  • Blikfeldt liquid medium
Media for sanitary and bacteriological analysis of water in accordance with GOST 18963 and IUC 4.2.1018-01.
  • Lactozo-peptone environment (with indicator)
  • Glucose-Peptone environment (with indicator)
  • Lactozo-peptone environment (without indicator)
  • Glucose-Peptone environment (without indicator)
  • Dry preparation with BP indicator and carbohydrates (glucose, lactose or mannitol)
  • Semi-Liquid Environment with lactose    
Environments for birth detection Proteus, Morganella, Providencia
  • Selective medium with mannitol and bile   
  • Differential-diagnostic agar
  • Triple sugar agar with iron citrate
  • Agar with sodium citrate
  • Environment for ornithine decarboxylase determination
Food control environments for the presence of paragemolitic vibriones
  • Environment to prepare samples for research
  • Peptone inhibitory medium with potassium telluride and 3% sodium chloride
  • Nutritional alkaline agar with 3% sodium chloride
  • YES for vibrios
Drugs and reagents
  • Mastoprim for the determination of somatic cells in milk   
  • Rose-sodium salt for reducing the reduction sample and the determination of inhibiting substances in milk. One bottle contains 100 mg of the preparation and is designed to perform 500 milk tests.   
  • Set of dyes for painting according to Gram is designed for painting tank. preparations (smears), designed for painting 100 subject glasses          
  • Set of dyes for painting according to Grade "I" (with immersion oil)       
  • Syrup powder for rennet sampling, designed for 20 series of analyses (100 analyses in each series).          
  • INTEST drug or thermophilic streptococcus test culture for the determination of inhibitors in milk          
  • SKYV - a control preparation for determining inhibitors in milk
  • Indicator test system for determining the acidity (pH) of cheese one set is designed to perform 50 determinations       
  • Universal Indicator Paper (Lahema), pH 0-12
  • Reagents for oxidase test in accordance with GOST 18963 and MUK 4.2.1018-01 (one set is designed to perform 50 definitions)        
  • Drives for oxidase test (50 disks in one bottle)    
  • Microbitests:
  •  to detect Escherichia coli bacteria group (E. coli);
  •  for the detection of reducing bacteria;
  •  for the detection of yeast and mold in milk, products, etc. volume;
  •  to detect yeast and mold in the air (discs).
  • Standard titer for pH-metry
  • Basic fuchsin (alcohol solution of 50 g/dm3 concentration) for coloring spores (in one bottle - 10 cm3 solution)      
  • Microbiological agar          
  • Peptone meat enzymatic     
  • Casein hydrolyzate (lactopeptone)     
  • Dry cleaned bile