Тесты на Антибиотики

Tests for antibiotics in milk

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the quality of dairy products, there are new requirements and trends. One of the most important problems is and remains the presence of the residual amount of antibiotics in dairy products.
Residues of antibiotics in milk can become a problem for both the producer and the processor, as they lead to a decrease in the efficiency of production at farms and milk processing plants. From the point of view of processing enterprises, the presence of antibiotic residues in milk leads to disruption of technological processes and significant financial losses. Moreover, processing of milk containing a residual quantity of antibiotics exceeding the permissible levels set by the TR TC 033/2013 is prohibited.
For many years now, dairy farms and dairy processing plants have been using rapid tests to determine the amount of antibiotics remaining in milk. Despite the fact that many different methods have been developed to solve this problem, the problem does not become less and remains relevant for our dairy processing plants and their raw material zones.
The main reason for the ingress of antibiotics into raw milk is the lack of a clear system of control over their content, understandable for all farm workers. The basis for solving this problem was the desire of our company to develop and bring such a system to producers and processors.
We present a range of tests to determine the antibiotics in PIONEER milk.