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Технология SkivingandHemming

SkivingandHemming - improving the barrier performance of the side seam of the packaging.
An additional key to the efficient, high-quality production of liquid packaging is the ultra-precise cutting of the top layer of material (Skiving) and its flanking (Hemming).
The SkivingandHemming technology, patented by IPBM Geneva/Switzerland, is an innovative approach in the production of packaging for liquid products. It consists in the fact that during the folding step of the longitudinal seam of the workpiece, Fortuna, a special option of the welding equipment, cuts off the top thin layer of material from the fifth panel and flanges it so that the tucked edge is approximately the same thickness as before the operation.
The SkivingandHemming process creates an additional barrier that separates the package contents from the backing board, which prevents liquid from entering the raw edge of the fifth panel material on the inside of the glued workpiece.  Bending this edge not only seals and prevents damage to the package, but also avoids subsequent deterioration of the contents and can increase their shelf life.

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