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J-Bottom technology

J-bottom - improved sealing of the package bottom.
J-bottom technology is used to improve the sealing of the carton base. 
J-bottom technology means that during the punching and creasing process, a special die makes two small cuts on the sixth plate, forming a "tongue" which is subsequently folded over when the carton base is sealed on the filling machine. In this way, the sixth panel, which forms the base of the package, is in contact with the contents only by the inner polyethylene layer of the base carton and represents an additional guarantee of quality.
As a result, the inner seam of the sixth panel is completely sealed and the twisted "tongue" protects the backing carton from liquid penetration, soaking and leakage.
J-bottom technology is used in most cases for low-viscosity liquid products that contain active ingredients and acids. For example, whey-based drinks, liquid kefir drinks, yoghurt as well as juices and wines.

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