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Petri dish 90 mm

Petri dish d 90 mm ventilated, single section, disposable, sterile according to TU 9464-001-30621840-2014
Group packaging of Petri dishes 90mm by 20 pcs. (600pcs. in a box)
The cup is widely used in microbiology for cultivation of microbial colonies. For this purpose, the Petri dish is filled with a layer of nutrient medium on which the culture of microorganisms is sown. In addition, the Petri dish is often used for applied purposes, such as evaporation of liquids, storage of small fragments of various drugs, dissection of small animals and plants, etching of small printed circuit boards.
Often, Petri dishes are used in terrariumistics for "nesting basis" in the breeding of amphibians (trees, leaf and other animals).
Petri dishes are made of transparent polystyrene STYROVIT® 110 B.
STYROVIT® 110 B is a well-flowing general purpose polystyrene brand with
addition of mineral oil to improve injection molding characteristics.
Recommended for use in the manufacture of products by casting under the
pressure and to apply a glossy layer on ABS plastic products and
impact resistant polystyrene by coextrusion.
STYROVIT® 110 B is designed for injection molding. Recommended by .
operating temperature range: 210-250 °C.
Melt temperature range: 180-250 °C
Manufacture of refrigerator interior elements, thin-walled products,
disposable tableware, stationery, CD and cassette packs.
General purpose polystyrene STYROVIT® should be stored in cool,
dry, well-ventilated warehouses away from flammable materials
materials. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Polystyrene STYROVIT® conforms to the current Russian norms for
Suitability for use in products that come into contact with food and
medical products.
All goods produced from general purpose polystyrene STYROVIT® and
outdated, may be recycled by anyone
modern method of recycling.
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