Parchment - продукция от ПионерПродукт / PionerProdukt


Parchment is made of pure cellulose base paper. After parchmenting the paper acquires specific properties - it becomes fat and waterproof.
Parchment is pure, from the point of view of microbiology, a packing material, it does not break down in water even at boiling, at humidifying does not lose mechanical durability. It does not cause changes in organoleptic properties of foodstuffs, does not give a foreign smell and taste and meets all hygienic requirements that favourably distinguishes it from a foil and polymeric synthetic materials. All kinds of the press are perfectly put on parchment. Parchment is laminated with aluminium foil. 



Papper type


Dairies, butter and fat plants

Packaging on automatic lines of products containing a high percentage of fat and moisture: oil, curd, curd products.

Parchment (64.50 g/m2)

Parchment prevents the penetration of fat, moisture, odor and taste free
Excellent flexo and gravure printing capabilities

Corrugated lining.

A" parchment (64 g/m2)

Medicine industry

Packaging of dressing materials: bandages, wool, napkins.

M parchment (56 g/m2)

Thermal and radiation sterilization capability.
Application of flexoprinting.

Confectionery factories

Packaging on automatic lines: waffles, cookies and other confectionery products.
Lining between confectionery products: marshmallow, marmalade, halva.

A" parchment (64 g/m2)

Parchment prevents the penetration of fat, moisture.

Cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, shops.

Packaging of food products. Gaskets in corrugated cardboard. 

Parchment grades "A", "B", "B", "D" (40-64 g/m2)


Furniture factories.

At manufacturing of an edge material for case furniture, at manufacture of laminated plastics. 

The parchment is painted brown,
"Nut" (70;100 g/m2),
"Havana" (45.52 g/m2)


Manufacture of textile spools (sleeves)

In the production of textile bobbins.

he parchment is colored:
yellow, dark green, green, 
light green,  dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, brown, 
black, grey and other colors.
Only 14 colors.
(58 g/m2)



Product Delivery

 Format, mm

Sleeve diameter, mm

On the rolls

at your request


Sealed reels (butter, cottage cheese, yeast)

at your request


In reels without printing

at your request


In sheets

at your request




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