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Ice cream chopsticks

Ice cream sticks made of high quality, ecologically clean deciduous breeds: cut, dried, ground, milled, covered with paraffin and sorted with additional quality control, cassetted on 50 pieces, packed in a corrugated box lined with polyethylene.
  • 93*10*2
  • 114*10*2
  • 94*17⁄11*2 (Magnum)
  • 6*150 Round (other sizes possible)

Палочка для мороженого

Round wooden sticks for cake pops, caramel and candy 8 cm (100 pieces)
  • They are popular with home lovers as well as industrial users.
  • Round Hard sticks
  • Ideal for handicrafts, food, lollipops and model making
  • They have a smooth finish and a clean cut.
  • Ideal for groceries, lollipops, toffee, handicrafts and other hobbies
  • Size: approx. 100x3mm

Палочка для мороженного - кругляш

LLC PioneerProduct offers a stick for ice cream with logo application.
Applying a logo or other mark on an ice-cream stick is done by burning.


Палочка для мороженого с логотипом

Technology of ice cream sticks release
  • First, they process the raw material base. A band saw type carpenter will do it. It is with its help that laths of wood are made, which have a suitable cross section and length.
  • The laths are then stacked and dried well in the air. This is done until the moisture content exceeds 30%.
  • Each lath needs to be machined with a 4-sided machine, which helps to create an accurate workpiece.
  • To cut the laths, a cutting machine is used, where it is possible to obtain the desired length of the workpiece. If there are minor defects in the material, the obtained products can be called a defect.
  • The next step is to place the workpieces in a dryer that is fully powered by electricity.
  • The dried workpiece is transferred to a milling machine, where it is obtained sticks for ice cream and other similar products. The machine also takes into account the possibility of inaccuracies in the process of workpiece preparation and drying.
  • The workpieces are then passed through the milling machines, where they are produced sticks with rounded edges.
  • The finished workpieces can be polished and their humidity can be made more uniform.
  • A thin layer of wax or paraffin is applied to each stick, so the workpieces have to go into the waxing drum.
  • The finishing stage involves sorting the finished product and packaging it into cassettes.
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