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20 August, 2020 г.
Cardboard waterproof upholstery grades ВО-1, GOST 6659-83
Thickness 1.0-3.5 mm, format 1640*1000 mm
Other cardboard formats may be produced in agreement with the consumer.
The cardboard waterproof upholstery is a compacted elastic cardboard with low indicators of water absorption, linear deformation at humidifying and drying. The cardboard waterproof is used for industrial purposes and needs of a national economy at manufacturing of sealing gaskets in flanged and other kinds of the connection applied in the water environment. Also, the cardboard waterproof is used as a gasket material between the units of industrial goods, for the production of auto parts, car upholstery, packaging, as a gasket material for the transportation of various products, as well as used in the leather and furniture industry and for the manufacture of packaging in the light industry.
Due to its technical characteristics, the waterproof cardboard is an excellent waterproof and upholstery material for all industries. Besides, the waterproof cardboard can be used for manufacturing of back walls of photo frames, pictures, posters.

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