Actual exchange rates in Minsk at 24 Января / 15:06, 2021

We recommend that you call the selected department in advance and clarify the actual course value. We update exchange rates directly from bank servers every 12 minutes. However, we cannot rule out situations where we may receive incorrect information.
Банк usdeurrub100eur→usd
ПокупкаПок. ПродажаПрд. ПокупкаПок. ПродажаПрд. ПокупкаПок. ПродажаПрд. ПокупкаПок. ПродажаПрд.
Абсолютбанк 2.5522.563.1023.113.3933.4121.2111.22
Альфа-Банк 2.522.583.073.1353.333.491.1961.237
Банк БелВЭБ 2.522.
Банк ВТБ (Беларусь) 2.5052.5753.0553.1253.373.441.2061.226
Банк Дабрабыт 2.542.5753.083.1253.383.451.21.23
Банк Решение 2.5482.5613.0913.1113.43.441.2121.222
Белагропромбанк 2.5352.5863.0853.1393.353.4791.2021.229
Беларусбанк 2.5452.573.093.1153.43.451.2031.2232
Белгазпромбанк 2.5452.5723.0873.1173.3913.4521.2071.223
Белинвестбанк 2.5442.5613.0843.1163.393.4311.1941.239
БНБ-Банк 2.5532.5623.1033.1193.3863.4191.211.222
БПС-Сбербанк 2.522.583.063.133.363.461.1951.235
БСБ Банк 2.5522.5573.1023.113.393.4171.2131.219
БТА Банк 2.5372.573.0793.1153.43.4771.2121.222
Идея Банк 2.5532.5623.0983.1253.383.461.2061.226
МТБанк 2.5452.5693.0943.1213.3653.421.2111.223
Паритетбанк (Paritetbank) ------1.211.222
Приорбанк 2.5372.5753.093.1293.343.461.2061.227
РРБ-Банк 2.5452.5653.093.123.353.441.21.23
СтатусБанк 2.5452.573.083.123.353.441.2051.227
Технобанк 2.5522.5623.1033.123.43.421.2141.22
ТК Банк 2.542.573.083.123.413.461.21.225
Франсабанк 2.5532.563.13.1153.393.431.2111.219
Цептер Банк 2.52.583.033.133.353.49--
Belarusian banks change currency rates quite often. According to our observations, the change takes place from one to 12 times a day, it depends on changes in exchange rates.
If demand at the exchange trades is much higher than supply, the value changes by a fairly large amount. Treasuries of banks work with currencies - this is their commodity, they monitor and set the rates at which a bank needs to buy or sell currency.
If a bank needs foreign currency, the exchange value is set at a more attractive value, so people have to give up dollars. If there is no need in foreign currency, then a fairly high rate is set, sometimes even higher than the market average. And in this situation, many fewer people turn to exchange currency. Before going to the office for monetary transactions, we recommend you to clarify the actual data by phone.
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