Cartons for milk and dairy products - продукция от ПионерПродукт / PionerProdukt

Cartons for milk and dairy products

GableTop packaging is a rectangular package with a cross section of 70x70 mm made of white laminated cardboard. The package notch has a gable top and six panels.
The configuration of the packaging panels can vary depending on the varieties of packaging and the filling equipment installed at your production facility.
For more convenient use of the product you can make a slot under the lid. Capacities are from 0,5 l to 1 l.
To increase the shelf life of the product you can use the "locks" of the 5th and / or 6th panels of packaging, which will prevent direct contact of the contents with the paper elements of the package.
The edges of the die-cut are unprotected by polyethylene, and along the side seam can absorb the flag, but due to the lock (tucking) such contact between the product and the unprotected cardboard is excluded, which prolongs the shelf life.
The lock of the 5th panel is called in professional language "Skiving", the lock of the 6th panel - J-Botton. Packaging with a "lock" becomes a little more expensive, but your product will have additional time to deliver to the points of sale, sales and storage at the end user.
The price for packaging "with grbeshko" depends on the circulation and is calculated individually. Minimum circulation is 50 thousand pcs. All packaging is delivered in the form of blanks, packed in corrugated boxes.

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