GableTop aseptic packaging

Aseptic packaging is often used for bottling juice, wine and dairy products with a shelf life of up to 12 months. GableTop aseptic packaging looks similar to conventional packaging, but due to additional layers of polyethylene and aluminum on the inner side of the carton, IT is designed for long-term storage of the product. The foil scalloped packaging is used on equipment with aseptic filling.
The 5th and 6th panels of the die-cut have "locks" (Skiving and J-Botton), which prevent direct contact of the product with the paper and aluminum elements of the package and maintain a specified shelf life. For simplicity and ease of use, a die cut under the lid is possible.
For further bottling and sealing of liquid food products, the products are supplied in bundles (blanks) packed in corrugated boxes.
The price for aseptic carton packaging depends on the circulation, the volume of packaging and is calculated individually. Minimum circulation is 50 thousand pcs.

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