The new state plant in the Birch will be liquidated as soon as it's earned

13 August, 2019 г.
The Economic Court of Brest voblast completed the procedure of rehabilitation of the republican enterprise "Berezatar". The liquidation period is set until July 31, 2020. Information about this was reported in court.
In 1989, at the request of the State Agricultural Industry of the USSR, a decision was made to build a plant of consumer and transport containers in the Birch. It was designed and built as a large production complex for the production of various types of packaging and products for industrial enterprises. In 1997 the equipment was installed at the enterprise, and production of metal covers for glass cans began. In 2001 it was renamed into the state enterprise "Berezatar". Then the production of baby food closures in glass jars and lacquering and lithography of tin was launched.
However, Berezatar had unfinished vacant spaces. In 2008, Alexander Lukashenko approved the implementation of a project to create packaging for liquid food products such as tetrapak. Such packaging is not produced in Belarus, and the new production is ideally integrated into the import substitution program. The equipment supplier was the Italian company "Agrotechnica. Its value amounted to €21.2 million. The total investment costs of the project were much higher, financed by a loan from Belagroprombank.
In 2011, a new production facility was set up. It was planned to produce 500 million packs a year. But the capacity utilization was less than 1%. The controllers attributed it to the lack of elaboration of a number of problematic issues. One of them is the lack of the necessary raw material base (at that time, plants in Homel voblast to produce cardboard from bleached Kraft pulp were just beginning to build). Taking into account that the import component in the Belarusian packaging reached up to 95% with a corresponding misalignment of prices, this package simply could not be sold, wrote "Evening Brest. "Berezatar was unable to compete with foreign suppliers.
As a result, there were problems with the repayment of credit resources. The Berezatar remediation procedure was launched in September 2016 and has been repeatedly extended. The authorities hoped to find a solution to the issue. In particular, they hoped for a new investor.
As a result, the Economic Court of Brest region recently launched the liquidation procedure of Berezatar until July 31, 2020.
"This is a new enterprise, which has not worked for a single day. An application to the court on its economic insolvency (bankruptcy) was filed by the owner - the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. We tried to sanitize it, but, unfortunately, without success," stated the chairman of the Economic Court of Brest voblast, Sergei Kulak (quote from
The court found that the value of the debtor's assets is Br44 million, while the total amount of creditors' claims is Br25 million. The company is planned to be sold as a single complex.

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