Russian oil supplies to Belarus will decrease in August

05 August, 2020 г.
Total shipments of Russian Urals oil to Belarus in August will amount to 1.21 million tons, which is about 360 thousand tons less than in July. This was reported by Argus agency and confirmed by Belneftekhim press secretary Alexander Tishchenko.
- The August requirements of the Belarusian refineries have been determined in the amount of 1.37 million tons of oil. Russian companies have confirmed requests for 1.21 million tons, of which 77 thousand tons will be delivered by rail. The rest will be delivered by oil pipeline Druzhba," said Tishchenko.
Almost all the reduction of shipments will fall on pipeline volumes - by 355 thousand tons against July to 77 thousand tons. Railway deliveries of light low-sulphur oil will be made from the resources of the Safmar Group companies of Mikhail Gutseriev to Mozyr Refinery, reports Argus.
The decrease in supplies is connected with the beginning of repair works at the Naftan oil refinery in Novopolotsk.
- In August the scheduled repair at a number of facilities of Novopolotsk Refinery starts, that's why the main volume of processing will be at Mozyr Refinery, where such works have already been completed, - said the representative of Belneftekhim.
At the same time Belarus continues purchasing sea batches of oil within the announced policy of diversification of supplies, "although such batches cost Belarusian refiners much more than Russian oil," noted the market participants.
In the evening, August 4, the tanker with 85 thousand tons of Azerbaijani oil arrived at the port "Yuzhny" and stood for unloading. Then the feedstock will go through the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline to the Mozyr refinery.
This year State Oil Company of Azerbaijan SOCAR has already delivered to Belarus five batches of oil with total volume of about 420,000 tons.
In August, Belarus should also receive the second batch of oil from the USA. A tanker with 83,000 tons of White Eagle Blend, close to Urals in quality, will arrive in Klaipeda. The cargo will be delivered by rail to Naftan.

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