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Almost 800 Belarusian IT specialists used the program to move to Poland.

17 October, 2020 г.
Approximately one month ago, in September, the Polish authorities launched the program "Poland. Business Harbour" - it is intended to help Belarusian IT specialists to move to Poland. During this time it was used by almost 800 Belarusian specialists. This is reported by "Radio Swaboda" with reference to
"Visas have been issued to 790 Belarusian specialists," said Monika Grzelak, representative of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.
She added that the Polish Investment and Trade Agency continues to maintain a hotline for interested parties and provides direct services to companies that are considering moving out of Belarus - now it is about 22 IT companies of different sizes.
"These are foreign investors in Belarus, companies with capital from different countries that once decided to invest in Belarus, but the situation has forced them to change their position. These companies, for example, considered the proposals of Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, but nevertheless we were able to attract them to Poland," Monika added.
It is noted that the development of the program has recently been hampered by the forced reduction of Polish diplomatic staff in Belarus, but Poland is still working to attract IT specialists from Belarus.
Poland. Business Harbour offers IT specialists, startups and IT companies to move to Poland (employees can get visas in an accelerated manner). Thus, those who have used the program can learn how to start working in Poland, get support in the process of recruiting employees and their families, as well as legal and visa assistance, contact the local authorities and special economic zones that create temporary offices and housing. In addition, participants are promised assistance in contacts with investors and business grants. Those who decided to move will be assigned a guardian who will accompany them throughout the process.
Recall that since the beginning of protests in Belarus, about 1.2 thousand Belarusian IT-specialists have already moved to neighboring Ukraine.

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