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Donald Trump was infected with coronavirus.

02 October, 2020 г.
U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump were infected with coronavirus. The U.S. president said this on Twitter.
Trump said that in the evening of October 1, he and his wife had tests for coronavirus with positive results. They are sent to quarantine.
"We will overcome it together", - he wrote.
A few hours earlier Trump stated that he and his wife were going to quarantine themselves because his advisor Hope Hicks had discovered COVID-19.
Trump's doctor said the president and his wife are feeling well, TASS writes. In addition, Trump will not temporarily hand over his authority to Vice President Michael Penns, said White House Deputy Spokesman Judd Deere.
Two days ago, the United States hosted a scandalous debate between Donald Trump and his rival president Joe Biden. Before the broadcast, it was announced that the event was being held with all security measures due to COVID-19, participants were tested for the virus. Trump and Biden performed without masks. Melanie Trump was also present at the debate, after which she went up on stage to hug her husband. Biden's wife did the same; she was the only one who appeared on stage wearing a protective mask.