Introduction of dairy marking by Russia will open new niches for Belarusian producers - Myasnikovich.

01 December, 2020 г.
"Labeling of dairy products is a necessary thing. For Belarus, it is, in principle, not bad. The Belarusian dairy processing industry is aerobatics. We have no counterfeit, dubious quality products. Therefore, due to the fact that in the Eurasian region the quality and safety control will be tightened (and we have a rather high level of dairy products quality in Belarus), I think that additional niches will even open for us due to the fact that someone will not be allowed in these markets when labeling," Mikhail Myasnikovich said.
At the same time, this intention raises some doubts, added the head of the EEC Board. If we are talking, for example, about socially significant cheap goods, whether it is necessary that these identification marks are present at everyone, because "this is all plus to the price", Mikhail Myasnikovich wondered. That is why Russian colleagues promised to work on a group of goods to be labeled, but without changing the price. The costs will fall on trade and processing industry.
In addition, since it is impossible to separate the flows (cheese will be produced only for export or only for the domestic market), it will be necessary to label all the products, and this requires a one-time capital cost to purchase equipment. This is also counted in millions of dollars, said the head of the EEC Board. "That's why we agreed and Russia agreed with it: we are doing a pilot project, it ends in November, and in December we will summarize the results in order to eliminate the possible fears that are present in our commission and expressed by the population," he said. The working group that is involved in the development of these mechanisms includes not only officials but also dairy producers.
As for the strategic directions of development of the Eurasian integration until 2025, Mikhail Myasnikovich noted: the developed draft strategy closes a number of unresolved issues. First of all, it is project integration. "Apart from the issues related to the regulation of domestic trade in goods, services and financial market, we plan to transfer a lot to project financing. - he said. - When we have Eurasian transnational corporations, then less administrative resources will be needed to bring economies closer, because business interests will work".

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