A sharp increase in deaths from coronavirus was recorded in Hubei.

13 February, 2020 г.
The number of people infected with coronavirus in Hubei province, which is the focus of the epidemic, has suddenly increased significantly. During the day there were recorded almost 15 thousand new infections (instead of the usual 2 thousand), almost 13.5 thousand of them fall on Wuhan. This is reported by the Committee on Hygiene and Public Health in the region.
As RIA "Novosti" notes, the authorities have delayed the publication of new data for 1.5 hours.
The number of confirmed diagnoses on Thursday, February 13, amounted to 14,840 cases. Before that, the number of those infected increased by an average of 1.5-2.5 thousand daily. The authorities explained this increase by changing the method of diagnosis.
In a day in Wuhan, 216 people died from COVID-19.
"In total, the province has 1,310 deaths, including 1,366 in Wuhan," it said.
Thus, the mortality rate in Hubei has increased by almost a quarter in one day.
The total number of confirmed diagnoses is 48,208. There are 33,693 people in hospitals and 5,500 are assessed as critical. 3,441 patients have recovered and discharged from hospitals.
All over China is sending medical personnel to Wuhan to fight the epidemic.
On the eve, 2,600 more specialists arrived in the city. Hong Kong authorities suspected that the COVID-19 coronavirus could be spread through sewers. The British Ministry of Health on Wednesday night confirmed that the ninth and first case of infection in London - a new patient had been infected in China. Another 44 people, including a crew member, were infected with coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
The Japanese Ministry of Health reported that all elderly people were being evacuated from the ship. The previous day, WHO Chief Executive Officer Sumiya Shwaminathan reported that four vaccines against coronavirus are currently under development, two of which can start testing on humans in three to four months. WHO called on the world to be united: "Solidarity is the only way to defeat coronavirus," the organization said. And in Barcelona, because of the coronavirus decided to cancel the World Mobile Congress - one of the largest exhibitions for manufacturers of mobile devices was to be held in late February. On February 12, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) decided to postpone the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in China to a later date. February 12, Minister of Health of Belarus Vladimir Karanik said that no cases had been registered in the country. According to him, January 30, the sanitary-epidemiological service, emergency medical care and all health organizations were put on high alert. The necessary reserves of drugs and personal protective equipment have been created. How to protect yourself from the Chinese coronavirus What are its symptoms?

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