Pruzhany Dairy Plant will launch a line for processing whey up to 500 tons.

31 July, 2020 г.
The general supplier of all equipment is Slovak LLC Vzduhotorg, the supplier of electrodialysis equipment is Czech JSC MEGA. The amount of investment in the project is not disclosed.
"MEGA" company has supplied the electrodialysis equipment for the new integrated line of serum processing. It processes and desalts the whey after nanofiltration to the design level of 70%. If the plant has such a need, the level of demineralization may increase up to 90%," - said Tatiana Dymar, Director of the representative office of JSC "MEGA" in RB.
Leonid Kachina, Chief Engineer of the Pruzhany Dairy Plant, in a conversation with the correspondent of The DairyNews underlined that at the moment the plant does not plan to reach such a high level of demineralization. To date, contracts with the plant have been concluded for simple whey, equipment for D70 is being tested.
"In the coming months, the plant will calculate the necessary indicators, including the cost of the finished product, actual values, qualitative and quantitative indicators; it will hold negotiations with possible clients and will start working. At the moment we are fulfilling the already contracted obligations and it is too early to talk about where D70 will go. It can be almost any region of the world," Leonid Kachina said.
Dry demineralized whey D90 is a necessary raw material for the production of GMM. In Russia whey with such level of demineralization is practically not produced, and the level of D90 whey import into Russia is about 160 million rubles.

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