The number of Belarusian cheese varieties has doubled in 10 years.

05 June, 2020 г.
The industry statistics for 2019 also became known. Cheese production, according to the National Statistics Committee, has increased by 19.3%. In absolute terms, the production volume rose from 203.2 thousand to 242.4 thousand tons (excluding processed cheese).
At the same time milk production in 2019 increased only by 1.7%. In other words, the increase in cheese production was due to the reduction of other types of dairy products. Cheese takes about a third of fresh milk.
Now Belarus ranks fourth in the world in cheese exports, ahead of Switzerland and Australia. The EU is in first place, followed by the USA and New Zealand.
In Belarus, about a third of fresh milk is spent on cheese, while the largest exporter - "Savushkin Product. The company supplies cheese to 20 countries. Earlier this private producer took over Berezovsky Cheese Factory, OJSC. Also in 2019, Alexander Moshensky's empire launched a new production at the "preferential" cheese factory. Orshansky district. Cheeses are produced in the village of Kopys, but the brand is called "Cheeses from Alexandria". The native village of the Belarusian president is very close.
Most of the cheese production in Belarus is exported. Although, sales in the domestic market grew by 4.2% last year. In January - March 2020, it increased by 7.7%. About 92% of the market is produced by domestic producers.

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