The death toll from coronavirus in China has exceeded 800.

09 February, 2020 г.
The number of deaths from coronavirus in China has increased to 811 people, 87 of them in the last 24 hours. The number of people infected with the new virus exceeds 37 thousand people, according to the State Health Committee of China on February 9.
According to the authorities, 2,649 people were cured, while another 29 thousand are in hospitals with suspected of coronavirus.
The largest number of victims (780) was recorded in Hubei Province, where an outbreak of the virus occurred late last December, RBC reported.
Outside mainland China, two people became victims of the virus: a 39-year-old Hong Kong resident and a Chinese citizen in the Philippines.
In Belarus, more than 500 people have already been diagnosed with the new coronavirus, and all of them have not confirmed it. Moreover, none of the surveyed had pneumonia, reported the Ministry of Health. February 7, 29 university students, who had returned from the holidays from China, were placed in a recreation complex of BSU "Brigantina. Rooms were specially allocated for them, as hostels of universities were unable to create the necessary conditions: due to the coronavirus outbreak, boys and girls should be under medical supervision for two weeks. The closure of Chinese cities as a result of the coronavirus outbreak led to a reduction in imports of products, including nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. Imports of potash fertilizers and Chinese farmers could be reduced. How can you protect yourself from Chinese coronavirus What are its symptoms?
The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of a cold or flu: runny nose, cough, chest pain, conjunctivitis, fever, headache, weakness, nausea and even diarrhea.

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