BSMP in Minsk is returning to its previous regime. There will be no more patients with COVID-19 here.

29 May, 2020 г.
May 25, COVID-19 patients will not be hospitalized in the ambulance hospital in Minsk, reported on the official page of the institution on Facebook. Patients with coronavirus continue to be treated in other clinics of the city. Earlier Minsk Oncologic Dispensary started returning to its previous work. There, two buildings were infectious during the pandemic.
"Since 25.05.20 hospitalization of patients with coronavirus infection has been stopped in the hospital. Also in the admission ward the admission of self-administrating patients with suspected of ODS, Covid, pneumonia will be cancelled. Reception of these patients is continued at ultrasound 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.10 city clinical hospitals in Minsk," written on the page of BSMP on Facebook.
Earlier it was reported that the hospital had an infectious disease department, where patients with acute cerebral circulation disorder and COVID-19 were treated.
This week, the BSMP plans to return to its previous work, as Belarus came to the plateau by coronavirus infection, reported during a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. In addition to the BSMP, it was discussed that in the near future there would be no work with patients with COVID-19 in Minsk oncologic dispensary and gynecological hospital.
During the pandemic in Minsk oncologic dispensary two buildings were used for treatment of patients with coronavirus infection - surgical and radiological. The Surgical Corps planned to start oncologic profile operations already on May 27, the radiological corps wanted to return to normal work within a week.

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