Over 100 people died in 24 hours in China from the new coronavirus.

07 February, 2020 г.
More than 31 thousand people fell ill and 636 died from the new coronavirus in China, according to the State Health Committee of China on February 7.
Medics confirmed 31 161 cases of coronavirus in China, 1540 people were cured, 636 died. A total of 314,028 people were identified who were in close contact with the diseased, 186,045 people are under medical supervision. The number of the diseased grew in 25 countries outside China: in Japan - 86 people, in Singapore - 30, in Thailand - 25, in South Korea - 24, in Taiwan - 16, in Australia - 15, in Germany, USA and Malaysia - 12, in Vietnam - 10, France - 6, in Canada and UAE - 5, in India - 3, in Italy, Russia, UK and the Philippines - 2, in Cambodia, Nepal, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Sri Lanka - 1 each.
Told one of the first about the coronavirus doctor from Wuhan died. The man got to the police for trying to warn about the new virus, later he was infected with the virus from his patient, he worked as an ophthalmologist.
Belarusian, evacuated from Wuhan, told and showed how they were taken out of a closed city, which had become the epicenter of the epidemic.
A Diamond Princess cruise liner is quarantined near the port of Yokohama in Japan. The new coronavirus was diagnosed there in 61 people. The ship was blocked by thousands of people.
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