Bill Gates warned of a disaster worse than the coronavirus

07 August, 2020 г.
The world may face a global crisis in the future with worse consequences than the coronavirus pandemic. It was written on his blog by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
He noted that the world has been shaken by a global crisis that has led to a tragic number of deaths, made people afraid to leave home and caused economic hardship that past generations have not had to face.
"It continues to have an impact on the world. Obviously, I am talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. But in just a few decades, the same description will correspond to another global crisis - climate change. As terrible as this pandemic is, climate change could be worse," Gates wrote.
Since the beginning of the year, conspiracy theories have started to spread on the Internet that Gates is involved in the creation of the coronavirus and intends to benefit from the crisis. In particular, the authors of the theories and those who spread them, believe that the founder of Microsoft wants to implant chips in people under the guise of vaccination. As a confirmation, they cited Gates' speech in 2015, during which he called the emergence of the virus the greatest threat to humanity.
Gates refuted such conspiracy theories, and noted that such rumors are hard to deny, "because it's so stupid and weird. He also pointed out that such conspiracy theories can make the disease worse by discouraging people from trusting vaccination campaigns and refusing to administer the drug. "It's a combination of social media that spreads exciting information and a pandemic that makes people insecure and wants a simple explanation of what's going on," said the founder of Microsoft.
Gates is known for his views on environmental issues and statements about the threat of global warming. He has donated a significant portion of his fortune to various environmental causes.

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