425 people died from the new coronavirus in China, with 64 more victims per day.

04 February, 2020 г.
The number of lethal outcomes among those suffering from pneumonia caused by coronavirus 2019-nCoV in China increased to 425, more than 20 thousand people fell ill. The State Committee on Public Health of the People's Republic of China provides the latest data.
Medics have recorded 20,438 confirmed cases of the disease. Currently, 2,788 are in serious condition, 425 people died, 632 patients were cured and discharged.
221,015 people were in close contact with the diseased, and there are 171,329 people under medical supervision.
During the day the number of the diseased in China increased by 3.2 thousand people, and the number of the dead - by 64. 
The virus outside China has been detected in people in more than 20 countries. The first victim of a new coronavirus outside China was reported this weekend.
According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, there are no patients with coronavirus in the country. The minister said that the events, currently held in Belarus, would allow localizing the virus and avoiding its spread in our territory. He also told how the Belarusians, evacuated from Wuhan, feel. Belarusian doctors are now involved in training, when the situations with the admission of patients with suspicions of the new coronavirus are practiced.
How to protect yourself from the Chinese coronavirus What are its symptoms?
The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of a cold or flu: runny nose, cough, chest pain, conjunctivitis, fever, headache, weakness, nausea and even diarrhoea.
How not to get infected?
To not get the coronavirus, you have to:
avoid contact with people who already have symptoms of infectious diseases; after visiting the street wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; if soap and water are not available, wipe your hands with alcohol-based antiseptics as often as possible; try not to touch the face with your hands; in public places wear medical masks; when sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose with a paper tissue; if you are in China now, it is best not to come into contact with animals, birds, seafood markets, live poultry and animals, farms, eat raw or insufficiently thermally treated animal products, including milk, eggs, meat, poultry, seafood. What should I do if I think I have been infected?
At the first symptoms of a cold, immediately see a doctor - a district therapist or general practitioner.
How are they treated for coronavirus?
There is no specific treatment for coronavirus. It is important to relieve intoxication, provide respiratory support and prescribe antipyretic drugs in time.
Who should I call if you're in China now?
Embassy in Beijing: First Secretary Alexander Sergeyevich Podkovyrov +86 155 10-61-85-10.
Consulate General in Guangzhou: Consul General Andrey Alexandrovich Popov +86 186 20-27-78-38.
Consulate General in Shanghai: Vice-Consul Roman Alexandrovich Shelemech +86 139 18-56-16-90.
If you want to leave China and your city is closed due to quarantine, please call +86 155 10-61-85-10.

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