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U.S. resident lost weight from hamburgers

05 May, 2021 г. / Крыжановская Лика
PionerProdukt / ПионерПродукт - U.S. resident lost weight from hamburgers
A resident of the U.S. lost 15 kilograms by eating exclusively at McDonald's. However, nutritionists were wary of the American woman's experience, stating that this was a unique and highly individual case.
Mirab Morgan from North Carolina decided to debunk the myth that the food at McDonald's is unhealthy and very calorie-dense, so a person eating exclusively in this institution, turns into a fat, flabby creature.
The American woman was encouraged to go on a cheeseburger diet by watching a film directed by Morgan Spurlock, who talks about the dangers of American fast food and claims to have experienced the negative effects of this food firsthand. The film details how Spurlock gains 11 pounds of extra weight in a month by eating exclusively hamburgers, fries, and shakes from McDonald's.
Mirab decided that the film was untrue and decided to test the director's conclusions on her own figure. Setting a goal to lose weight by 27 kilograms the American citizen ate from McDonalds for 90 days. In this case, she introduced a limit of daily calorie intake, limiting them to 1400. However, it should be noted that the resident of North Carolina used to eat only French fries or cheeseburgers, limiting herself to other dishes.
To Morgan's great joy, after 67 days her weight dropped to 15 kilograms. Mirab confessed that the result she achieved made her very happy, because she finally found the right diet for her. Before she discovered McDonald's, neither eating Atkins nor any other methods had helped her get rid of extra pounds.
Naturally, Mirab Morgan's experience has not gone unnoticed by leading nutritionists. According to nutritionist Barry Popkin, despite the fact that food from McDonald's is not considered healthy, the North Carolina resident certainly found the right diet for herself, corresponding to her way of life. He also added that her weight loss recipe cannot be considered universal, as every body requires an individual approach to nutrition, and it is not a fact that such a diet will help lose weight to someone else. In addition, Mirab Morgan's diet lacks the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and dairy products, which are very important components of any diet.

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