How to use less oil when frying

16 July, 2020 г.
Minus the fried dishes, high calories. Just think, the refined sunflower oil we fry most often has a caloric value of 100 ml - as much as 900 kcal. That is, one tablespoon increases the caloric value of the dish by 135 kcal. And how many of these spoons do you add to the pan when you fry onions? That's why it's so important to reduce the amount of oil poured into the frying pan when you fry. "AiF asked the professionals how to fry in the most useful and low-calorie way.


- Frying meat without oil in a simple frying pan will not work, it will not be the result you expect. To reduce the amount of butter in this case, you can take a Teflon frying pan, on which the product will be baked without oil. Or you can bake on a tray, such as chicken meat pickled in spices and rolled in breadcrumbs. Place it exactly on the baking tray and bake it until it crusts. It will be delicious, juicy and without oil. Another way to cook with little butter is to have a low frying pan temperature. The product does not fry so quickly, the butter does not burn, but is always on the frying pan and envelops the product. If the lid is closed in this way, the food will languish like in the oven.
If we talk about vegetables, with them there is such a dependence - the harder the vegetables, the more reluctant they are to give water, and therefore it is easier to fry them with a minimum of oil. For example, it is quite real to fry potatoes almost without oil.
Find the right frying pan.
Ruslana Zakirov, chef:
- To fry without oil, just choose a non-stick or grilled frying pan. During cooking, excess fat drains down on special ribs. If this is not the case, you should follow simple rules: Add a small amount of butter, use vegetable oils, do not overheat the pan or fry again with the same oil.


Alyona Andreasyan, Conceptual Chef of the cafe:
- If you like fried food and at the same time want to make it more harmless, then choose oils with high combustion temperature and cook on slow or medium heat.
Which oils are right for you:
  • ghee oil or melted butter;
  • cold-pressed coconut oil;
  • avocado oil.
It is important not only to use oil with a high smoking point, but also to store it correctly. Choose oils in dark glass, close the lid tightly to prevent oxidation, and, of course, keep an eye on their shelf life.
Use parchment
Yevgeny Alexandrov, chef:
- To reduce the amount of frying oil, you can use regular parchment - baking paper. We use it to fry fish so that it does not stick to the frying pan 100%. On a small piece of parchment you need to drip the oil, put the fish and all this construction on a heated pan. The fish turns out to be golden crust, and the oil is not required much.
In the same way you can fry vegetables, such as broccoli. They should be blanched for 30 seconds in boiling water and then thrown on parchment in a heated frying pan. Quickly fry - and you can serve. This way you get the most delicious crispy and fresh cabbage.
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