Poles intend to simplify the employment of Belarusian doctors and  IT specialists.

18 November, 2020 г.
Some medical and IT specialists from Belarus want to be allowed to work in Poland without obtaining a work permit. We are talking about those specialists who entered the country on a visa with humanitarian purposes or visa marked Poland Business Harbour, intended for companies that want to move their business to Poland. The relevant bill was prepared by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, reports prawo.pl, it is currently under discussion. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of physicians in Belarus. 
The document affects dentists, nurses, paramedics and IT specialists. It is assumed that these specialists will be able to work without a work permit if they entered the country on a visa issued for humanitarian reasons, public interest or international obligations, as well as on a visa under the program Poland Business Harbour (PBH). In support of the bill, it is said that the exemption of PBH visa holders from the need to obtain a work permit is consistent with the experts' opinion that Poland should increase the share of highly qualified employees, primarily in the IT sector. It is also noted that this applies primarily to specialists and companies from Belarus, but if necessary, the provisions of this decree may be extended to other countries.
As of mid-October, Poland Business Harbour program was used by almost 800 specialists from Belarus. Moving to Poland at that time considered 22 IT-companies of different sizes.
The release of medical professionals from obtaining a work permit will be extremely important in the coming months due to the need to strengthen medical staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, the resolution says. However, the exemption will not be limited to the period of the pandemic, as there is a shortage of personnel in medical professions in Poland, which is structural in nature. Earlier this year, Poland simplified the procedure of diploma confirmation for doctors and dentists educated outside the European Union.
Earlier, Poland announced that it plans to attract foreign doctors, including from Belarus, to fight against coronavirus. In early November, Alexander Lukashenko commented on doctors leaving abroad: "We have no extra doctors. We have to treat our own people. But following our principle, we will not keep anyone. But we have to understand: if you leave, you will not come back". Later Lukashenko specified that "we don't mind going (doctors - Ed.), but it should be done in an organized manner.
At the end of October the head of department on citizenship and migration of Belarus Alexey Begun told that since the beginning of autumn about 10 thousand Belarusians left for Poland, about 3 thousand - for Ukraine, about 500 - for Lithuania and Latvia. According to him, this situation "is not critical and does not cause serious damage to national security. If we compare these data with Belstat's data on international migration, it turns out that for two incomplete months of the year, several times more people went abroad than for the whole last year.

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