We are ahead of Ukraine only. We have compared the pensions received by residents of Belarus and neighboring countries.

25 September, 2020 г.
The average retirement pension in July, according to the National Statistics Committee, was 472.9 rubles (data for August have not yet been released). The last increase at the moment occurred on July 1. FINANCE.TUT.BY looked at what payments on well-deserved rest residents of neighboring countries receive.
The average size of pensions in July was 456.8 rubles, for disability - 406.2 rubles, for the loss of the breadwinner - 310.7 rubles, social pensions - 228.2 rubles. 
As of July 1, the average size of pensions for non-working pensioners in Russia amounted to 16,492 rubles (560 Belarusian rubles). The ratio of average pension to average salary in January-April was 30.4%.
In 2021, pensions in Russia are planned to be indexed by 6.3%. With this increase, the average pension will be 17,443 rubles (592 Belarusian rubles).
In Ukraine, as of July 1, the average retirement pension amounted to 3414 hryvnia (314 rubles). Kiev residents receive the highest pensions - UAH 4676 (430 rubles), the lowest - residents of Ternopil region, UAH 2620 (241 rubles). The last pension increase in Ukraine took place in May. On average, they increased by 260 hryvnia (24 rubles).
In Lithuania, pensions were last increased in January 2020. According to data for August, the average pension in the country is now 377 euros (1142 rubles). The January increase was about 30 euros (91 rubles). At the same time, the average pension with the required length of service is higher - an average of 400 euros (1214 rubles). Here the increase from January 1 was already 32.5 euros (98 rubles).
In Latvia, the average old-age pension in the second quarter of the year was EUR 363 (RUB 1102). The next indexation of pensions is scheduled for October 1.
In Poland, the average pension is PLN 2482 (RUB 1,662). Next year the agency planned indexation by 3.84% (it takes place once a year in March). It is curious that the highest pension in the country, paid by the local counterpart of the Social Security Fund, is almost 23,000 PLN (15,400 rubles). It is paid to a man who retired at 81, with 61 years of experience, and worked in the mining industry, including in managerial positions.

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