Paid the sum of 5000 rubles. Employees of the cheese factory left their work to compensate for the salary of 6

04 October, 2019 г.
"In one day, 110 people were fired at Berezovsky Cheese Factory," wrote a reader who introduced himself as Ivan. The Savushkin Product company, which now includes the plant, explains: after the restructuring of the company, all employees were offered to sign new employment contracts, and those who refused to do so for personal reasons.
Last autumn, Savushkin Product bought out a controlling stake in Berezovsky Cheese Processing Plant from the state. After that, the company started the reorganization, which was completed on October 1. As a result, the plant's production sites became part of Savushkin Product.
Elena Babkina, the top manager of Savushkin Product, specifies that there were no cuts at the enterprise in connection with this.
- All employees were offered to continue working in the company. As a result, 1103 employees stayed in the company, and 106 people decided to leave for personal reasons. Probably, the decision to dismiss was influenced by the possibility to receive a significant payment - six months' salary - due to each of them in accordance with the collective agreement. And each of those who quit their jobs received it," says Elena Babkina. - People who decided to refuse from further work at the enterprise occupied absolutely different positions. 37 people are specialists, the rest are workers. Once again, I would like to repeat that all employees without exception were offered to continue working in the company.
Elena Babkina also says that from November 1, all employees of Berezovsk, Ivanovo and Ivatsevichi production sites (they were part of Berezovsky Cheese Plant) will have a 15% increase in the first category tariff rate. PionerProudukt / Production - Test for Antibiotics in Milk / Тест на антибиотики в молоке
- Naturally, the company will grow, develop, and the number of jobs will increase, - sums up Elena Babkina.
FINANCE.TUT.BY talked to another employee of the company, who confirmed that those who did not enter into new contracts with the plant, did so on their own.
- Everyone who wanted to stay is still working today, and the bosses, craftsmen and engineers have left. They also left because those who did not want to move from BSC to "Savushkin" should be paid six salaries each. A couple of loaders I know have left me like that, and they were paid 5000 rubles each at once," says the company's employee.
According to him, the plant is undergoing reconstruction - "redoing everything from scratch.
- During the reconstruction they will send you on vacation at their own expense, but they will pay 2/3 of the salary. Who doesn't have enough of this, are offered to switch to other enterprises of "Savushkina" or to other shops of the plant for a while. I worked in the drying shop, and I was offered to temporarily move to the cheese shop, while there is a repair. Anyone who wants to do it is all at work," said the other person.
Elena Babkina commented that the modernization "is already underway and will continue, but it is planned in such a way that the plant will continue to work during its implementation, and it will be done in stages.