USD — 3 rubles, Euro — 3.5. Currency rates took psychological notes

26 August, 2020 г.
The rate of dollar sales by banks took a psychological mark of 3 rubles. At this rate, you can buy American currency in Technobank and Fransabank in Brest. Euro in this regional city in Fransabank - 3.5 rubles, and in Technobank - 3.45 rubles.
At the auction at the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange on August 26, the dollar exceeded the historical maximum reached in March this year.
The dollar rose by BYN0.0455 - to 2.6483 rubles.
The euro rose by BYN0.0528 - 3.1286 rubles.
The Russian ruble strengthened by BYN0.0123 - to 3.5062 Belarusian rubles for 100 Russian rubles.

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