Apple becomes first company in USA with 2 trillion dollar capitalization

19 August, 2020 г.
Apple shares rose by 1.33% to $468.42 as of 18:04 Moscow time, according to trading data. The capitalization amounted to $2.003 trillion, RBC writes.
Until now, the only public company, whose value reached $2 trillion, was Saudi Aramco, a Saudi oil corporation.
It took Apple two years to increase its capitalization from $1 trillion to $2 trillion: the company reached the level of $1 trillion on August 2, 2018. Over the past year, shares rose by 59.24% despite the coronavirus pandemic, against which many companies collapsed.
At the end of July, Apple reported revenue of $59.7 billion for the third quarter and growth in the segments of products and services, despite the closure of stores around the world. However, consumer demand for remote work equipment and growth in online sales supported the company.
In July 2020, the Apple Board of Directors announced a 4:1 split of outstanding shares. The company intends to make them more accessible to investors.
The split procedure will take place on August 24, which is the day when the registration of shareholders entitled to receive additional securities will be completed. Trading at the new prices will resume on August 31.
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