Антибиотики: вред или польза

17 July, 2019 г.
Is it true that all antibiotics are very harmful, and it is better never to take them at all? Natalia Zlatous, Moscow.
Pharmacologist Oleg Bychkovsky answers:
- It is definitely not possible to assert it. Antibiotics, fighting with pathogenic microbes, really "at the same time" kill and useful microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Many people develop allergies to antibiotics...
Of course, you should not swallow them in a common cold. But without these drugs, acute pyelonephritis, pneumonia, otitis, complicated maxillary sinusitis, abscesses, sepsis, chlamydia, infectious endocarditis and other very serious diseases cannot be avoided.
Of course, you can not "prescribe" yourself antibiotics. The fact is that there is no "universal" antibiotic. All of them have a different spectrum of action. For example, penicillin is effective for pneumonia caused by staphylococcus infection, and for pneumonia caused by mycoplasma, it will not give any result.
Correctly and with the least risk to your health to choose an antibiotic doctor will help analysis - sowing blood, urine or sputum on the sensitivity to the drug.
And to smooth out the negative effect of antibiotics on the body and restore microflora helps bifidobacteria contained in fermented milk products and modern drugs - probiotics.
Antibiotics are effective against all microorganisms that cause disease? Sergei Abramov, Vladimir. PionerProudukt / Production - Test for Antibiotics in Milk / Тест на антибиотики в молоке
- Not at all. Antibiotics (penicillin, ampicillin, erythromycin, digits, etc.) are prescribed only for bacterial infections. Viruses from antibiotics are neither cold nor hot. Because flu, rubella, herpes, hepatitis, chicken pox will help immunoglobulin, interferon and antiviral drugs.
There is also an addiction to antibiotics, when in chronic disease malignant bacteria adapt and stop reacting to the drug. Therefore, in chronic pyelonephritis (inflammation of the renal pelvis), for example, antibiotics are prescribed only in the period of exacerbation. And then prescribe synthetic antibacterial agents (furagin, nitroxolin, palin, etc.). PionerProudukt / Production - Test for Antibiotics in Milk / Тест на антибиотики в молоке
"I am a very meteo-dependent person. Headaches and pulling stomach aches are persecuted with any fluctuation in atmospheric pressure. It is said that in Moscow there is a new method of treating headaches with craniosacral therapy and visceral chiropractic. Tell us what it is and what other diseases can be cured? Boris Syrupchik, 45, Minsk.
For explanations, we addressed the director of the O.D.A. Medical Complex in Tsinsk. Anatoly Vladimirovich KLUEV.
- As you know, many diseases arise from the sick spine, which, in turn, is closely related to the bones of the skull. Craniosacral therapy will help to get rid of problems. In other words, the contact effect on the skull bones. The doctor, who knows this technique, corrects the oscillation of the skull bones, as if aligning them in the right order, leveling their position. This restores the rhythms of their movement.
To feel the biorhythms of the skull bones and influence them, it takes many years of practice and special sensitivity of the doctor's hands.
After several sessions, you can completely get rid of hypertension, various headaches (which haunt meteodependent people), insomnia, diseases of internal organs.
As for the visceral chiropractic, it is an ancient technique that is widely used in Russia. Its meaning is that by massaging the abdomen in a certain way, you can achieve a cure of the small intestine, sexual system, stomach, spleen, etc. The doctor, pressing his hand on certain areas of the anterior abdominal wall, seeks to eliminate abdominal pain. As a result, discomfort and painful symptoms disappear for a long time.

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